Siddhantam Remedial Programme

Siddhantam believes in not finding the faults rather finding the remedy. The school remedial program offers support to the students who temporarily fall behind in their studies or otherwise need short-term support in their learning. The task of each teacher is to monitor the learning and growth of the students and the possible needs for support that may arise. Such an intervention increases the progress of the students, and decreases the heterogeneity of student learning levels in a given grade. Remedial program enables the child to gain positive impact by filling his cognitive gaps.
Siddhantam’s remedial teaching program gears to the learning needs of individual students and help them overcome their learning difficulties and develop their potentials. Schoolwork is planned in such a way that every student has a possibility to participate in remedial teaching if need be. 

Depending on the general or particular nature of the students’ weaknesses or learning difficulties, necessary steps are taken. After the completion of a topic/chapter, understanding of the students is tested and the weak areas are addressed. Teachers direct students through the educational process using different strategies such as more practice or clarification, repeating content, and devoting more time to working on skills. The students who have gained enough understanding of the given topic/chapter are tested by giving high order thinking questions to train them to think critically & creatively. A detailed recapitulation of the subject matter taught in the class is taken up; with an increased emphasis on addressing the doubts of the students. The emphasis is more on the growth and progress of the children with special learning requirements.