Collaboration With Parents

Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations. Collaborative partnership of the school with parents provides a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment to encourage each child’s holistic development. Parental involvement produces measurable gains in a child’s academic achievements. As we all know, parents are a child’s first teacher. When a school system values and respects the relationship between a parent and a child and welcomes parents as equal partners in their child’s education, parents and teachers have an opportunity to influence a child to live a positive and fulfilling life. Fostering positive partnerships with families helps families to feel valued, recognized and supported in their role in children’s learning and development.

The school makes a positive and early first contact with parents, to set the foundation for an effective relationship. We have an open-door policy where parents feel welcomed, respected, listened to, and supported. Consistent and regular positive interactions build and maintain positive relationships. Sharing the observations about the child, the small achievements and meaningful experiences and interactions of their day, help parents feel reassured that their child is visible, and that the school really cares and are focused on the learning of their child.
Partnership is beneficial for both families and teachers, and this relies on reciprocal exchanges in which information is shared and help is given in both directions. The school follows the Learn from each other approach and makes an alliance with parents mutually beneficial.

Time to time ample of Programmes and activities are organized to build a strong bond with the Parents. Regular PTMs are held to discuss the overall development of the child and wellbeing of the family. Important messages, latest updates, School Curriculum and School policies are disseminated to parents through School Almanac, Activity Calendar, and Emails, Circulars, Text Messages, News Letter and School Website.
It is very well quoted no school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of the children’s best interests.