Principal’s Message

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to Siddhantam School. I take great pride in leading the school and supporting your children in their educational journey. A school plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s future. Not only does this include the provision of education and ensuring learning, but moulding the character, morals, and value system of the child as well. A school provides the foundation needed to view the world as a limitless space providing innumerable opportunities to shine.

We, at Siddhantam, emphasize on wholesome and value-based education, giving specific attention to the holistic aspect. We strive to include within the framework of our academics, and co-curricular activities, programs that enable our students to constantly experiment, experience and explore the unknown. We ensure high quality education which motivates and empowers our students to be lifelong learners and the productive members of the society.

Anupama Grover


We firmly believe that education is not just the amount of information that is put into a child’s brain rather it caters to the individual needs of our students. We want every single child at our school to have a personalized education; the kind of education that instills exemplary behaviour, inspires academic curiosity and a life-long interest in the wider world.

We are proud to say that we have created a student-led school, where the students take responsibility for their own learning. We work relentlessly to nurture our students to unlock and achieve their potential. We promote the social, moral and cultural development of our children.

All our children are encouraged to be thoughtful and reflective, to understand their place in the world and to set themselves high standards both in terms of their commitment to work and discipline. Also, our children are encouraged to adopt a positive mind-set and use determination and perseverance to overcome challenges and take pride in all that they achieve. We want learning to be fun and exciting; teachers ensure rich experiences await the children in their classrooms.

Our teachers are professionally equipped to develop, adapt and modify curriculum content, pedagogy & assessment which suit the needs and aspirations of our students. We work towards a holistic, experiential, integrated, student-centered educational system that helps to improve the creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills of our young learners to equip them for the ever-changing global ecosystems. We expect our teachers to lead by example; inspiring our young people to learn through a knowledge-rich curriculum and the experiences we create for them inside and outside the classroom.

Values are the ideals that give significance to our lives that are reflected through the priorities we choose, and that we act on consistently and repeatedly. At the heart of our educational offering at Siddhantam are certain basic principles which we aim to develop among students through all our interactions. With the core principles of Siddhantam, we make every effort to educate our children to change the world through peace, empathy, and fraternity and place great emphasis on inner values.

Siddhantam, do give high priority for the safety and well being of children. The school endevours to promote physical and psychological safety of its students by implementing and integrating effective school safety policy measures in school planning and strategy.

We, at Siddhantam also initiate the activities that actively promote safe and healthy lifestyle and contribute effectively to sustainability and conservation of our environment. We inculcate the value of resource management, empower students to use natural resources in a responsible and efficient manner and practice effective and sustainable method that will become a way of life.

We endeavor to maintain a strong connect with our parents and hence we hope to find mutually rewarding ways to partner with them. We believe that strong school-parent partnerships are imperative for any school’s success. The school will work in partnership with you, the parents, to equip all of our children with the core skills they will need to become learners in life.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our school, and developing a close partnership so that our children will love to learn and grow in life.

Anupama Grover