General Facilities

Multipurpose Hall

The modern educational environment features various kinds of spaces for different educational purposes like cultural activities, debates, competitions, seminars etc. A school multipurpose hall serves multiple program and functional purposes. With this motive in our minds, we at Siddhantam have created a multipurpose hall which can be used for a wide variety of events or activities. It is technologically integrated and has a fully equipped Audio Visual set up which simplifies learning through multi-media facilities. The hall satisfies the need of its assigned.

unction-be it multimedia presentations, stage or musical productions. In addition, it is also used for various indoor sports events.


At our school, the well being of students is of paramount importance. We provide nursing services to students to maximize health and wellness in the school community. The school infirmary is equipped with the basic materials and facilities to address the health needs of learners while in school. An on-site trained and certified nurse is available to manage and assess any health issues that may arise during school hours. Doctors are available on call. We also have tie up with a nearby hospital to meet medical emergencies. Basic first-aid kits are available in high risk areas such as the reception, staffroom as well as in the school buses.

CCTV Surveillance

For the safety and security of the students and staff in the school, high definition security cameras have been installed in every nook and corner of the school. There is a room where every movement is monitored carefully by a responsible person. This security system acts as a deterrent to anybody with mal intent.  It helps in monitoring and keeping track of activities taking place in school premises.