Our Siddhantas & Principles

1. Responsibility

As responsible citizens, we must look out for well being of others and understand that each one of us has a part to play in making the world a better place to live in. We should be responsible for our actions, be dependable and make right choices in life. We must do things that are supposed to do and accept the result of our actions.

2. Courage

In the face of obstacles or fear of the unknown we must make good choices. Fear or hurdles should not let us hold back from exploring new opportunities, developing our skills and doing what is right.

3. Honesty

We must be truthful in what we say or do. People should be able to trust us and we should be able to develop trusting relationships.

4. Gratitude

It is way of sharing our appreciation to others for what they do for us. Just by saying THANK YOU, a positive emotion, we make the other person happy.

5. Determination

We should not give up achieving something that we want simply because it is difficult to be attained. If we have a growth mindset, we thrive on challenges and view failure as a part of the learning process. We must keep on trying until we succeed.

6. Love

Love for every creation of God is a feeling that fulfills us. By giving time to others, we get to know them and build a specific bond which we nurture with love.

7. Respect

We must accept others for who they are, even though they may be very different from us and even we do not agree with them. We must learn to respect others and their socially acceptable work. We must have respect for ourselves. It is two way process. We will get respect if we give it to others.

8. Happiness

It can be expressed with a smile. We must give more than what we get and appreciate what we have rather than trying to get what we don’t have. Happiness begets success, strong relationships and a sense of purpose. The saying goes ‘you smile and the world will smile with you. You cry and you cry alone’.

9. Discipline

A disciplined life is the secret to success. We must have a proper routine and keep a check on how we behave. Discipline doesn’t mean sitting quietly in the class but to have a routine according to our responsibilities.

10. Trust And Compassion

We must have respect for the work of every individual in the society. By trusting others judiciously, we can develop healthy relationships.