How to reduce stress in life

Stress is never ending part of our daily life. positive stress is good as it stimulates us to perform better. However, stress beyond our tolerance becomes negative stress and causes physical and mental degradation and starts affecting our official, family as well as social life. therefore, stress needs to be managed.

The first step to reduce stress is to divide it into major and minor categories. tell your mind that factors concerning health of family members is a major concern and  even if it causes stress, it is understandable. you can then divide certain other things  like financial loss (up to a certain limit as per your capacity for example RS 10,000), certain tiffs with friends/relatives or others  into minor category and train your mind not to be upset on minor issues.

As an example, suppose you have lost Rs 5000/- or have sufferred damage of this amount, as your mind is being told by you that this is a minor issue, it is possible that this instance will not cause stress on you. Similarly, arguments with colleagues/boss in the office or on the road will not bring stress on you as you will treat them as minor. It is advisable to use this technique through practice and may help many of you. If you want more help, please do not hesitate to contact me on 9871328430.