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A coalition of like-minded IIT and IIM alums came collectively to broaden training reform, which wished for fast improvement. They concluded that this would be a robust strategy for long-lasting societal transformation. According to them, “If now not us, then who? When, if not now, ought they? The cause is to bring morals, values, and social abilities to provide our society’s humans with a beneficial increase. Upon reaching the top of the fulfilment of their professions, they all came to terms with their severe luxury and the need to fulfil their innate desire to contribute to society.

They contacted expert teachers and clinical professionals to establish a community of beneficial questioning. Ms Elina, a renowned student with thirty- years of information, became enamoured with the idea. Dr Rahul Dayal, a defence professional whose critical requirements are honesty and compassion, joined the agency of selfless donors.
Thus, Siddhantam Heritage School was installed. Therefore, the faculty’s challenge is providing the kids with the gear they need to reach their total capacity. Having an excellent knowledge of enjoyment is a prerequisite to attaining this. Therefore, we inspire our kids to count on mastering being a laugh and having a cause.

A model citizen is not born but instead created. In addition to giving youngsters modern-day educational gear, we paint complex to instil moral requirements, sensible existence abilities, and different tendencies essential for a fantastic character. The 10 critical values our faculty is built upon provide energy, and we paint tirelessly to instil those beliefs in every Siddhantam pupil. Through academic fulfilment, bodily health, cultural recognition, and moral growth, our ethics-based education approach will assist our college students in turning into outstanding citizens of India and the globe.

  • Critical focus on quality through instruction by experienced and qualified teachers.
  • A safe, healthy, and protected environment as per the POSCO Act.
  • Encouraging and supportive experience through the availability of Merit-cum- Means Scholarship.
  • A progressive learning approach that is student-centred and where active learning is the norm. Children learn by absorbing everything around them.
  • Development of fundamental social and moral skills through dedicated Happiness classes.
  • Essential life lessons through prioritizing core principles for a dignified life.
  • Teaching good manners and etiquette is a cornerstone of the educational experience.
  • Learning healthy food habits under a healthy food menu for good lifelong well-being.
  • Mastering practical skills, including efficient time management and inculcating discipline.
  • Flexible, hybrid learning opportunities incorporating both offline and online modes of instruction.
  • The latest, state-of-the-art technology for student instruction through Future Top & TOP Tech classes, including the App for parent involvement.
  • Partner support with Digilooks Healthcare to ensure the best physical and mental health for all students.


The goal is to establish a school that starts teaching from the Montessori level and follows principles to help students become proficient learners who are morally upright and contribute to developing a strong community and country.


  1. To provide pupils with a top-notch educational and technological environment so they may grow into capable and skilled achievers.
  2. To instil fundamental human values in pupils via a principle-based education, enabling them to become productive members of society.
  3. To cultivate in pupils a healthy sense of mind and body.
  4. To provide the worthy yet underprivileged segment of society access to inclusive education.

Our Siddhantas & Principles

1. Responsibility

2. Courage

3. Honesty

4. Gratitude

5. Determination

6. Love

7. Respect

8. Happiness

9. Discipline

10. Trust And Compassion


Multipurpose Hall

Diverse places are available for various academic targets in the modern-day educational environment, along with seminars, debates, contests, and cultural events. A multipurpose corridor at college fulfils quite a few operational and programmatic needs. We at Siddhantam designed a multipurpose hall that may be used for various activities and sports with this intention in thoughts. Its functional audiovisual machine and technical integration make analyzing multimedia assets simpler. The hall fulfils its particular cause.

Function, whether or not they be musical, theatrical, or multimedia performances. It is likewise used for a whole lot of indoor-wearing sports.


The welfare of the pupils is the primary precedence at our institution. We offer pupil nurse offerings to sell fitness and well-being within the school network. The college infirmary is supplied with the requirements to have a tendency to college students’ clinical necessities while they are enrolled in instructions. During school hours, an expert and educated nurse can handle and compare any potential fitness issues. Medical professionals are in the name. Additionally, we collaborate with a local hospital to deal with clinical situations. Basic first-aid kits are supplied in high-danger locations, including the body of workers’ rooms, faculty buses, and reception.

CCTV Surveillance

A high-definition security camera has been installed in every college crevice to protect the employees and scholars. Every step is closely watched in a designated room by an accountable individual. Anyone with malicious reason is deterred by way of this safety mechanism. It supports the tracking and documentation of moves occurring on faculty belongings.

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